Just Smile…

*”Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile,but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy” ~Thich Nhat Hanh*

(Before you read this article,slap a genuine smile on your face,you’ll thank me later)
Just smile.It takes a simple line across our faces to speak a million words,to say am okay,hello or just to pass some joy around .The sight of sunset,the feeling of love or harmonic atmosphere is where a smile usually dwells,but what I can say,smile is the best antidote for the messed up state of mind.
Even if misfortunes come to you in battalions,smile as it shows there is hope to live through another day and it will be alright .Happiness has no price tag,if you can find it in that lambo., in your job,at home with the ones you love or just in that one person who makes you smile, then embrace it with a smile.
I remember when I was in high school,I never used to smile because I was insecure about my teeth.For those who have seen me,you clearly know how my dentition is.I don’t have the best teeth(but at least they are white). I had very low self-esteem and I guess that affected me for the better part of my high school life.As I was growing up,I met this good friend of mine,who is also my mentor.He didn’t know about my low self-esteem issue.He kept on telling me that I looked good when I smile.Whenever I used to smile or laugh,I would always cover my mouth using my hands.After being told that I had a beautiful smile,everything just changed.Nowadays I smile at everybody coz after all,there’s nothing much I can do about my teeth.
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Smiling reduces stress that you do feel at times,almost similar to getting good sleep,according to recent studies.And smiling helps to generate more positive emotions within you.That’s why we often feel happier around children-they smile more.On average,they do so 400 times a day.Whilst happy people still smile 40-50 times a day,the average of us only do so 20 times.Do you know that you can enter an interview room,smile and pap!You get the job even before you are asked any questions?That’s how powerful a smile can be;it can change your life.You may think that your appearance during an interview is just about wearing nice clothes.You can’t just wear that nice suit;you have to wear it with a smile.
One does always look elegant when smiling.When you smile,people treat you differently.You’re viewed as attractive,reliable,relaxed and sincere.Also,your smile is contagious-so if you’re smiling at someone,it’s likely they can’t help but smile back.If they don’t,they’re making a conscious effort not to.Your smile is something that should be worn often,so make it a priority to surround yourself with people,places and things that brighten your day.
Always remember:
1.When you smile,the world smiles back
2.Smiling lengthens your life                                                           img-20170205-wa0016
3.Smiling makes us appear more attractive to others

*The next time you’re feeling down or out of sorts,try a smile*

Leah O.~2017


A Letter to a departed brother


Now I know that it’s true when they say,”He Only Takes the Best”.

From day one all we did was fight,now all I do is fight back my tears.You did show me a lot of things,I learnt a lot I didn’t know,but you forgot to teach me one last thing;how to let you go.Day by day I think of you,how can all of this be true?I can’t believe you’re really gone,I still can’t accept it.It’s been one year since you passed away,I still see you everywhere.You are always in my thoughts.Whenever I see a handsome,tall,well-dressed and cheerful boy,all I see is you in that boy because those were all the adjectives people could use to describe you with if they didn’t know your name.
It’s sad that you left too soon;before you even got a taste of how high school life was,before you even got to have roommates at the university.Sometimes I usually wish that God would have taken me instead because I had already experienced all the fun in high school and university.

But God’s timing is always the best and everyone has his/her own time to be taken to be with the Lord.You were young to go,it didn’t have to be like this,you didn’t have to die.From now until the end of my life you will be on my mind,every minute,every hour,everyday.I love you,I miss you and this is how it will stay.Rest in peace brother.I hope you will no longer suffer.I will be waiting for you in my dreams to re-live all those beautiful memories.




Should you cut your ex out of your life,or try to stay friends?There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for this question.Your ex is your ex for a reason.But he or she was an important part of life for a significant amount of time,and it’s understandable to want to hold onto that relationship in some capacity.Many  former couples,whether dating partners or spouses,try to remain friends after a break-up,and some are able to manage this transition successfully.Choosing to remain friends with your ex,I might say depends largely on how your relationship ended.If it was a nasty break up, trust me,it’s going to be hard for the two of you to become friends but if you guys decided or agreed or one of you was understanding,then friendship is possible.

Our exes don’t disappear from the earth after a break up.At some point,it’s hard to understand those couples who stay friends after a break up.Some might find it impossible to form something truly platonic with a person they’ve been in love with,who probably knows exactly how to make them cum and who’s seen them smell their underwear to check if they’re clean.I think being friends with your ex is the mature thing to do ’cause you don’t know where you guys might meet again.If you choose to keep your ex in your life,it’s important that the friendship is genuine,without any bad motives.There’s no need of ruining what you had just because a romantic relationship didn’t work out.You guys can still talk all the time,hang out,go see a movie;just without all the feelings.

I think that wanting to be friends keeps you from feeling the full depth of the loss,softening the blow of the break up but still,you may crave the emotional intimacy that you two shared.Keeping your ex around can make it harder to move on from the relationship and the feelings you had.Before you decide to be friends with your ex,think about him or her,how do you feel?If you don’t feel anything at all-like totally,then it may be possible to stay friends in a healthy and functional way.And also,if you were friends before you started dating,research proves that it’s possible to go back to being friends again.If you two shared friends or the family members knew that you were dating,it won’t hurt if you remain friends because in one way or another ,you will finally meet.

The choice is yours,if you wish to stay friends with your ex,I wish you the best of luck,if you feel like you will be tempted or you’re not over your ex,then I’ll advice you to keep away from your ex.

~Leah O. 2017

Taming the heartbreaks



Once in a while, you’ll be heartbroken or you’ll break someone’s, heart. Don’t worry, this is just part of life and as I usually tell my peers, “it’s a stage”. Human beings have got this tendency of breaking their own promises. The problem is that we trust too much to an extent where we don’t even think of the worst that could happen. In summary, I’m going to share 3 tips which might help you if you are going through a heartbreak. I know that there are plenty remedies but I’m just going to highlight the one that I feel worked for me.

1.KEEP YOURSELF BUSY: Do something you really love and enjoy to keep your mind distracted, you can go hang out with your friends and simply pass time or you can go watch soccer. Keep yourself super busy to a point where you don’t even get time to think of that person. It’s hard but trust me, it works.

2.WRITE, WRITE,WRITE!: Okay! This might not help a majority of the people but it helped me so much. Take a notebook and a pen and express what you feel in writing. You are allowed to write about your ex because it helps you get rid of the anger and desperation. If you are good in poetry this can be the best moment to write an intriguing piece.

3.LISTEN TO MUSIC: Music has the power to raise your spirits till you feel like you actually never needed this person in your life. Nowadays, most music revolves around heartbreaks and relationships. Music is the key to the heart. I admit that some will make you feel bitter but hey! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. There’s this particular song by Charlie Puth that I really love – we don’t talk anymore. The song is nice, so encouraging and it’ll make you feel relaxed.

Nobody wants to hear this, but sometimes the person you want most is the person you’re best without and don’t hate your ex!That relationship just made you a better person for the man/woman God is about to send you.

That’s all I got for today, hope I helped you. And one last thing, there’s a reason why you broke up with that person, there’s always a reason.

Leah Ombuor 2017